Sound Baffle


Acoustic baffles that look as good as your amps


Stagecraft acoustic baffles are hugely popular with touring bands, recording artists, and worship musicians because they absorb excessive sound pressure levels without ruining a carefully designed stage appearance.


Keeping your guitar amps in the sweet spot often requires running them at loud volumes resulting in bleed-through into adjacent microphones and causing problems for other musicians. Traditional hard baffles just reflect the sound in a different direction and can be unattractive in a professional stage design.


The Stagecraft Sound Baffle is built from the same materials as our speaker cabinets. The robust Birchwood shell, Tolex covering, and premium speaker grill cloth preserve the look and feel of your amp when placed in front of the speaker.


Rather than just reflect the sound in another direction, the Sound Baffle is packed with 2000 cubic inches of dense acoustic foam that absorbs excess sound pressure without causing stray reflections. Now you can turn up your amp, protect your hearing and keep your bandmates, the sound engineer, and the stage designer happy.


The sound baffle features strong metal corners and removable magnetic feet for easy transport and storage. It’s reversible too, with American style silver and black grill on one side and British style black basket on the other.

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Dimensions:  26.5″ x 20″ x 4.5″ (standard). 32″ x 20″ x 4.5″ (wide)
Weight:  16lbs
Materials:  Birch shell, Tolex covering, metal corners.
Effective Frequency Range:  300Hz – 20KHz
Average SPL Reduction:  20dBu

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All baffles are made to order. Average build time is 4 weeks.

Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 28.5 × 28.5 × 8 in