Emerald Bronco


Plum Bronco

Slate Bronco

Cabernet Bronco

Ivory Bronco

Ivory Bronco

Black Bronco

Black Bronco Tolex

Black Elephant

Vanilla Bronco

Vanilla Bronco

White Panama

Orange Panama

Black Panama

Black Panama

Black Taurus

Black Taurus

Tan Bronco

Red Snakeskin

Customize your cabinet by choosing from a selection of our most popular coverings.


Stagecraft uses only top quality US made vinyl coverings. Our stock covering for most cabinets is Black Bronco, but you can choose from a range of different colors and textures. Our most popular coverings are listed here.

Textured vinyl coverings are often referred to as Tolex. Tolex was a trademark of The General Tire and Rubber Company from 1945, and the original was used on many amplifiers and speaker cabinets from the 1960’s through to the 2000’s.

General Tire was acquired by Continental in 1987, and the trademark expired in 2005, but the word Tolex is still generically used by many to refer to textured vinyl covering for guitar amps and cabinets. We use it here to refer to all our vinyl coverings which are all manufactured in the US to the highest standards.

If you don’t see the Tolex you are looking for from our stock selection, we can special order most covering materials. Just call or email us and let us know what you are looking for.