Eminence The Governor


Thick and raunchy with a powerful midrange, this is the driver for the classic British 60’s and 70’s rock tone

The Governor works equally well in closed and open back cabinets and combos, and is a natural match for the Black Jack Series. Connect one of these up to an EL64 tube amp, and the defining British rock tone is yours.


The Governor is a flexible all round driver that works well for lots of different applications, and is standard equipment for many high end amp makers.

The Tone Quest Report
This isn’t a speaker for ‘Jensen guys’ or anyone that craves screaming treble tones, but man, do we love this speaker! One of the thickest, most aggressive in the Eminence line, the Governor is chocked full of complex harmonic midrange detail and smooth, thick bass response that doesn’t mask higher frequencies. Highs hold up well on fat chords without dominating them. Rated at 75W, the Governor works equally well in small combos and bigger head and cab rigs, and it calms down the sharp glassiness of single coil pickups very nicely. Running it with our ‘69 Marshall made the idea of pulling the original Greenbacks in our 4×12 very tempting, our Balls 18W roared with authority, and the Brown Vibrolux amps were simply unbelievable for great rock tones.



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Spec sheet: governor.pdf

Weight9.8 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 6 in
Impedance (Ohms)

8, 16