Elite 2×12


Elite 2×12


For years we have been building Elite Series by request only. Having gained a loyal following, The Elite is now available as a Stagecraft standard cabinet.

the Elite Series was originally designed to be paired with Dumble style amplifiers but is compatible with a variety of amplifier topologies. The shell, constructed from 3/4” Void Free Baltic Birch employs sturdy box joint construction. The speaker baffle and back are also Void Free Baltic Birch, 3/4” and 1/2” respectively.

The oval we have selected for the Elite 1×12 is somewhat smaller than usual. This more compact opening makes the Elite 1×12 less position sensitive while carefully controlling cancellation in the lower frequencies. Larger openings often need to be carefully positioned against a wall or reflective surface in order to project well, whereas the Elite can be positioned in an open space. Other Backs are available if preferred

The Elite Series 2×12 is not a driver specific design and will work with a wide choice of speakers. The 2×12 design, solid construction, and internal volume are well suited to mid to high power applications.

The Elite is covered in British Bronco black Tolex, and fitted with black basket weave acoustic grill cloth. Chrome corners are standard, black are available as a no cost option. A top mounted black strap carry handle completes the accessories. Stock configuration includes two sets of feet for both horizontal and vertical use. One set of feet for horizontal use only can be selected if preferred.

Dimensions: 28” x 22” x 12” Weight (empty): 29lbs



Add rubber feet on two sides for side by side or vertical use

Tolex * 

Grill Cloth * 

Grill Piping * 

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All cabinets are made to order. Average build time is 4 weeks.

Additional information

Weight38 lbs
Dimensions32 × 24 × 15 in

Chrome, Black

Feet Positions

1, 2