Single Wiring Harness


Add a pre-wired jack to your cabinet so you can just connect your speakers and play.

Stagecraft empty cabinets are supplied with a jack plate only. Add the wiring harness, to include a 1/4″ jack pre-wired and terminated ready to connect to your speaker drivers.

Manufactured in California, Stagecraft speaker harnesses use 12AWG cable with annealed stranded copper conductors, and black PVC jacket. All cable is CSA and ETL safety listed. Harnesses use a ¼” Switchcraft jack with nickel coated copper and silver conductors.

The harnesses come complete with silver soldered jack, and crimped push on speaker connections for easy installation. All connections are heat-shrunk for safety, and color coded for ease of installation.

The single-driver harness is suitable for cabinets with one speaker driver.

  • Note: only available to purchase and ship with cabinet order



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Weight1 lbs
Dimensions9 × 6 × 1 in