Eminence PXB2:2K5CX Crossover


The Eminence PXB2:2K5CX Crossover is purpose designed for the Beta 12 CX driver. Perfect for building your own full range monitor cabinet for use with digital modelling systems and acoustic instruments.

This crossover is a ready to go solution for designing your own full range monitor for use with modellers, cabinet simulators and acoustic amplifiers. When used with the Beta 12CX speaker and ASD:1001 compression driver, this crossover splits the signal at 2.5KHz which is the ideal crossover point for these two drivers.

In addition to the crossover, this circuit includes an optical compressor that prevents damage to the high frequency circuit and drivers during overload conditions.

Based on custom aerospace grade lamps, the circuit dynamically limits the current by converting excess energy into light and heat, maintaining a safe maximum current level to the high frequency driver without introducing distortion.

The circuit provides smooth 3:1 analog compression during input overload conditions over 250 watts RMS and up to -4.5 dB of attenuation at clipping to prevent damage to HF drivers, while maintaining your tone.



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2-way, 2.5KHz crossover

Spec sheet: PXB2:2K5CX

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions12 × 6 × 6 in