Elite 1×12 Full Range


Ideal for use with modeling amplifiers, cab simulators, and other full range applications, this Elite is pre-loaded with a coaxial driver arrangement and two channel crossover.

If you use a hardware modeler such as a Kemper Profiler or Fractal Audio Axe-Fx, or software such as Pro-Tools, the cabinet simulators in these systems work best with a full range speaker. The Stage Craft Elite FR cabinets are pre-installed with full range coaxial speaker drivers, and a high frequency crossover to help musicians get all the benefits of cabinet simulation.

Here's how it works: Although this cabinet looks and feels like a 1×12 guitar cabinet, it's actually fitted with two speaker drivers. The main, or low frequency, driver is an Eminence Beta 12CX which is a 12″ driver designed to provide a flat frequency response up to about 4KHz. Mounted in the center is a second driver; an Eminence ASD:1001 1″ Titanium high frequency unit capable of delivering up to 20KHz. We install a passive crossover circuit into the cabinet to split the input appropriately between the two drivers.

If your modeling system has it's own power amplifier, you can simply connect it straight into the input of the Elite FR. If not, there are many suitable tube and solid state power amplifiers available. the Elite 1×12 FR is fitted with a dual jack plate providing an input from the power amp, and an output parallel connection to a second cabinet. Dual function connectors support both standard 1/4″ jacks, or locking Speakon connectors often used in PA and Pro-Audio systems.

The FR uses the same high quality construction as our standard Elite Series cab originally designed to be paired with Dumble style amplifiers. The shell, constructed from 3/4” Void Free Baltic Birch employs sturdy box joint construction. The speaker baffle and back are also Void Free Baltic Birch, 3/4” and 1/2” respectively. A flex back is fitted as standard.

The Elite is covered in British Bronco black Tolex, and fitted with black basket weave acoustic grill cloth. Chrome corners are standard, black are available as a no cost option. A top mounted black strap carry handle completes the accessories.

Dimensions: 24” x 19.75” x 11.75”  Weight: 45 lbs

All cabinets are made to order. Average build time is 4 weeks.



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