Cabinet Back Change


Cabinet Back Change


Customize your cabinet by selecting an alternate back style.

Select this option if you want to change the standard back for you cabinet style. Standard backs are:

Black Jack: Closed
Blues Jack: Open
Westcoast Pine: Open
Elite: Oval

Open Back options will give an airy open response with a small reduction in bass.

Closed backs help you achieve that chug, characteristic of classic British cabinets.

Oval backs sound similar to open backs; airy and lively and are somewhat quieter than the full open back option.  We size our ovals to be somewhat smaller than commonly available as we feel it helps the cab remain useful both with open space at the rear, and when close to a wall.

The Flex-Back is a two piece back that allows for both closed and open back tones. The bottom two thirds is fixed and contains the input jacks. The top third panel is removable. The top panel can be removed and replaced as often as necessary to change between open and closed configurations.

Alternate backs can be purchased with cabinets only. Stagecraft does not sell cabinet backs by themselves. Since each Stagecraft cabinet is hand built to order, and cabinets are a natural wood product that has some variance over time, we could not guarantee correct fitment of replacement panels to an existing cabinet.


Back Change


Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 12 in